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Jojoba Unique Botanical Facts

Facts regarding Jojoba:

  Jojoba, Simmondsia chinensis , is a shrub natural to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and California in the USA , and Mexico .  The seeds are harvested for their crude, which is usually extracted by mechanical process.  The chemical structure of this crude is a long chain true ester, not triglyceride oil, nor a glyceryl ester; moreover, it is not even from fat or oil families, rather, it is the Jojoba shrub seed’s liquid ‘wax-like’ ester.  Amazing, because it looks like, and feels like oil, which it is not ! 

 Chemically it is a wax, even though, as a misnomer, it is known the world over as Jojoba ‘oil’, perhaps because Jojoba is the Sperm whale’s oil substitute.


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