Ozone Helps Professional M-120 Ozone Generator

Approved under EN 60601-1-2 as a Medical Device Report No. 07-11-MAS-150 & 07-11-VAE-001

Our ‘Ozone Helps’ Professional M-120 output ozone concentration has been certified on 4/30/2008 by: National Chung Hsing University; Professor Hsu, Department of Chemical Engineering, Biomaterials Laboratory, as having repeatedly, successfully, killed the following 3 bacteria within 5 seconds: Staphylococcus aureus , Candida albicans , and Escherichia coli .

Escherichia coli
Survival results
(5 seconds)
Candida albicans
Staphylococcus aureus

It is the natural mechanism of super oxygen reactions that is responsible for causing bodily detoxification.

Used for: Cosmetology/ Anti-ageing / Health care

There are 13 individual uses for Clinic M-100.

Produces clean and healthy drinking water whose oxygen content is 30.2 ppm ; pH value 8.7; in Ozonated water
Clean and healthy Ozonated water to improve blemishes of the skin
Ozone combined with "first cold press" olive oil, produces Terpene Vapor (C10H16O2…8), which reduces discomfort of the respiratory tract and improves the bacteria ecosystem
(1) Eliminates peculiar room odors
(2) Virus inactivating effect
To eliminate peculiar smells from the oral cavity and artificial teeth etc. etc. etc……

Ozone Helps Professional M-120 Accessory as follows:

+ High pressure O2 tube + Female connector
+ silicone tube + Male connector
Washingith built-in Dual Corona Discharge for producing medical grade ozone. 4 Exhaust Fans for keeping inside cool.
Our function control panel with LCD (liquid crystal display) is lighted by LED (light emitting diodes).
Size : 25.2cm L x 10.3cm W x 38.0cm H
Stainless steel housings are machine pressed into cut-outs in our Acrylic stand. They are permanent and immovable. Stainless steel fastening bolts are inserted into it for permanent stability of our Acrylic stand.
Size : 50cm Lx 24cm bottom W x 56cm H X 10mm Thic
+ High pressure O2 Tube
+ Male connector
Oxygen flow selections:
1/32、1/16、1/8、1/4 、1/2 LPM
Lab quality glass, hand-made,
600cc size, Height : 42cm
+ 3 micron Lab quality glass Diffuser
+ Teflon Stopcock
+ Silicone Tube
+ Female & Male Connectors
Lab quality glass, hand-made,
600cc size, Height : 35cm
+ 3 micron Lab quality glass Diffuser
+ Silicone tube
+ Female & Male connectors
+ Silicone tube + Female connector
+ Female & Male connectors
+ Silicone tubes
+ Female & male connectors
+ Silicone tubes
+ Female & male connectors
INPUT: 100 ~ 240VAC ; 50~60Hz = 1.0Amp
OUTPUT: +12.4VDC = 4Amp
a.High Pressure O2Tube
b.Silicone Tube
d.Philips Screwdriver
e.Cable Ties
f.Silicone Tube Stems + Male or Female Connectors
g.Male Connectors
h.Female Connectors
Includes one of each;3cm, 5cm, 8cm diameter
+ Silicone tubes
+ Female & Male connectors
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