O3xygen Skin Balm

All our Enhanced O3xygen Skin Balm has:
High Quality,Pure Natural Jojoba Oil,Enhanced with O3xygen & Nothing Else.
We absolutely don’thave any:

Artificial coloring,preservative,bee’s wax,water,or any filling.

O3xygen Skin Balm has been certified by SGS as having successfully, 100% killed the following 3 bacteria within 30 minutes:Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The Lab Technician

In 1997 I started ozonizing Olive Oil, motivated by having actually cured the Lymphoma cancer (stage 4) that was in my abdomen, synergistically by learning to use ozone primarily as the catalyst to create other blended oxygen compounds.

The original oil oxygenation process only involved simple double bonding of oxygen atoms with Olive Oil atoms using relatively simple ozone generators.  This process laboriously (continuously bubbling Olive Oil for 90 hours) to produce 8 ounces of a marginally acceptable skin healing cream. For protecting my proprietary process I will, in an obscure way, only partially explain my process.

Avant-garde Process

Traditional physics as-well-as the branch of physics known as quantum mechanics, which relates to the abnormal, unorthodox behavior of atomic and sub-atomic particles, are herein, coupled with other multi-disciplines of science.  Notably traditional chemistry, biochemistry, and biotechnology are all forming an emerging understanding of science that forms the avant-garde processes of these sciences as applied in this third millennium and as implemented at  Bio-Oxidative Research.

We now utilize our proprietary knowledge to maneuver atoms that governs our replication processes,  involving molecular structure theory where-in atoms donate, acquire, or share electrons, or transfer electrons from one chemical species to another to emulate nature's oxygen-reduction reactions [Redox] when the balm is applied to mammalian unhealthy skin cells.

I employ a highly complex process for the ozonation of Jojoba Oil, which is my carrier oil. Subsequently, huge quantities of ozonides are created in the ozonalysis process.  Under the proper conditions, ozone attaches itself at the double bond of an unsaturated compound (such as in Jojoba Oil) to form ozonides.  Ozonides are typically but not at all limited to combinations of; O2,O3,O4,O5,O6,O7 & O8, with other oxygen compounds, produced as a product of ozonalysis. As an example, some of my molecular ozonides are C10H16O3, others are highly explosive.  It has taken me 5 major explosions (two resulted in lots of my blood flowing from incalculable skin cuts), to educate myself. Thank God I was always wearing safety glasses!! By now I think I know what NOT to do.

These processing learning experiences leaves me with just what I wanted, the oxygenated carrier oil's liquid wax esters, which becomes a skin aid balm during my proprietary process by employing quantum mechanics of chemical bonding (molecular orbital theory).   

The oxygen retention process ['enhancement'] of retained synergistically blended oxygen now becomes an integral part of the atomic, hence molecular structure of our balm. A brief insight: A blending of atom structures is obtained in this process. It is actually a quantum mechanical phenomenon called resonance. In this instance hybrid resonance can be regarded as a blending process that spreads doubled-bond character evenly over the atoms that participate in it. Each oxygen-oxygen bond is rendered equivalent by resonance, and each one has a mixture of single-bond and double-bond character.

Then we combine and process the carrier oil with essential oils while maintaining the essential oil's integrity. Usually the end user dilutes the essential oil at time of application, but we do it during the process under precise controlled conditions so the end user has reliable consistent results. Employing interrelated disciplines we have retained and extended essential oil's natural ingredients and traditional benefits in O3xygen Skin Balm

Our O3xygen Skin Balm is oxygenated due to, in large part, the Jojoba Oil’s natural abundant oxygen compounds. "Essential oils are made up of chemical groups and individual chemistry elements.  Oxygen, as the natural key element in essential oils, plays an extremely important role in their effect on blood circulation, not only in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues but also in assisting in the disposal of toxic waste from the tissues".

So, it is the inherent natural abundance of oxygen already in essential oils complemented by the huge amount of oxygen compounds retained through our proprietary processing, that combines to act as the oxidizing agent.   What is oxidation?  Put a piece of new iron [Fe] outdoors, wait a few days, and the oxidation process will begin to show.  Iron naturally loses electrons and increases its oxidation number, thus it is said to be oxidized.  Oxygen naturally gains an equal number of electrons and its oxidation number decreases so it is said to be reduced; it acts as the oxidizing agent.  Nature all by itself has just created a useless 'product'…rust… [Fe2O3].

This is visible oxygen caused oxidation, in action, and it happens naturally.  Nothing to do neither with mankind, nor with our process nor us. The same is true of the natural oxidation of diseased cells caused by natural oxygen retained in our O3xygen Skin Balm when applied to our skin. Our enhancing of oils only produces various oxygen enhanced molecules; the  natural results of exactly what essential oils have been doing since time immemorial.

Our O3xygen Skin Balm has only enhanced the quantity of oxygen compounds retained in the O3xygen Skin Balm, and the carrier oil, to ensure the oxygen will oxidize [dissolve] unhealthy mammalian skin cells yet it is not corrosive to skin, will not 'burn', nor cause a rash, nor in any way harm a healthy human or animal cell.  Why?  Because all mammalian's healthy tissues are protected from the oxidizing effects of all forms of oxygen by four (4) enzymes that form a protective coating around everyone of human or animal cells.  These enzymes are; Catalase, Reductase, Super-oxide Dismutase, and Glutathione Peroxidase.  It is only these enzymes that protect and thus allow humans and animals to breathe oxygen without the natural powerful oxidative effects of oxygen literally killing us .

Scientific Chemical Mechanism of oxidation-reduction reactions:

Remember healthy cells are enzymes protected, unhealthy cells however, are fully subjected to the natural oxidizing effect of the enhanced combined oxygen compounds in our O3xygen Skin Balm . Following the incontrovertible laws of 'oxidation-reduction reactions', this is what occurs when these oxygen compounds in O3xygen Skin Balm come into contact with unprotected unhealthy skin cells: A concurrent chemical reaction  wherein the  oxygen compounds, acting as the oxidizing agent, cause the unhealthy cells to be simultaneously oxidized. Just as the iron became a rust, unhealthy cells become dissipated, watery, harmless forms, which are then carried by the blood to the kidneys where the blood is purified by the kidneys.  The impurities are channeled to the bladder and excreted from the body. This is exactly what essential oils have been doing for millenniums when applied by our ancestors to their skin.

O3xygen Skin Balm is permanently stabilized when stored under refrigeration.  And temperatures up to (82°F = 28°C) are totally tolerable.  But at (82°F = 28°C) and higher a few Balms will soften because it becomes too hot. But even if it melts, this does not reduce the balm’s efficacy.  Why? Because the atoms are all double-bonded thus the molecules are all double bonded. Just put the balm in a refrigerator and it will again become a solid Balm.   We guarantee all O3xygen Skin Balms to maintain its efficacy for a minimum period of three [3] years.

Any misuse , including failure to keep this product properly refrigerated, is not the responsibility of Bio-Oxidative Research Co. Ltd., nor does it accept any responsibility for any misuse.   The above-described process is the proprietary property of Bio-Oxidative Research Co., Ltd.   Any infringement in any Country, will result in legal recourse.  


• O 3xygen Skin Balm is reported by users to be an effective adjunct treatment for inflammation  of the skin, such as dermatitis and seborrhea.
• O 3xygen Skin Balm is reported by users to be helpful in bacterial infections of the skin and it said to be used primarily for:
• Fungal infections (including Athlete’s foot). Fistulae; Leg Ulcers; Bed sores; Gingivitis; Herpes
• Simplex; Hemorrhoids; Vulvovaginitis; Bee Stings; Insect Bites; Acne and other skin-related problems;
• Impetigo; Psoriasis; Ringworm; Skin Yeast; Sweat Gland Infections; Tinea Versicolor.
• It is also said to be helpful for the post-surgical treatment of wounds to prevent secondary infections.
• Carbuncles; Cellulites; Ecthyma; Erysipelas; Folliculitis and Furuncles; Skin Burns; Toe nail fungus; Candida infection; Poison Oak & Poison Ivy treatment; Cuts and Bruises.


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