I am 77 year old Reverend Dudley Spofford. On August 4, 1996 in Rosewood Hospital in Houston Texas, USA, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer, stage Four. CHOP Chemotherapy was agreed to as the appropriate 6 month therapy.
I've written this article because I know many people are facing difficult health situations. And I want you to find a solution to your health problem. One of my life's missions is to open a health-door for whoever is ready. Your fate awaits you. You may choose to walk the path of natural ozone therapy enlightenment through this open door.

On my Oncologist's last visit (12/31/96) in my hospital room he said “the Chemo hadn't been successful. ( I have since read that about 70% are not successful). An operation wouldn't be advisable due to the specific location and large size of the tumor.

He offered the possibility of Radiation treatment.”
I said “no”.
He then said, “there was no other treatment that medical science had to offer”
I replied, “fine”!
He then said “he was discharging me from the hospital that evening.”
My interpretation of his meaning was that I would soon be watching grass grow from the ‘root side’. (“My sense of ‘dark’ humor.”)

At home in, Houston Texas, Nancy looked up at me, as we held each, as water ‘wet her face’. “Well husband, what now” she asked? “I don't know, I replied.” “I don't know much about cancer. But, I do know this cancer won't kill me. My intuition is letting me know this.”{ We have now been married almost 33 years and Nancy has learned to trust my ‘extra sensory perception’}.

So the next day we started learning about alternative therapies. By good fate, Nancy visited a Chinese friend of hers who told her what limited healing knowledge she had heard about Ozone as was commonly used in Germany. When Nancy returned home she at once told me about ozone. My reaction was to open our Lap Top computer and look up ‘ozone’. Then I started making phone calls and sending out e-mails.

Thus began our eager search about “what is ozone”? We were amazed. I read as many articles as I could find as fast as I could! In short, ozone is oxygen with one additional atom of oxygen. This ozone molecule of oxygen is written as ( O3 )whereas the regular molecule of oxygen is written as ( O2 ). In other words; Ozone is composed of 3 atoms of oxygen, and oxygen is composed of 2 atoms of oxygen. Simple! Where to find ozone? Just look up at the clear sky. All the ‘blue’ you see is ozone!

Mankind has learned how to make ozone here on earth. Simply buy a tank of Medical Grade oxygen and an ozone generator. Connect the two together and under electronic control, the medical grade oxygen will flow into the generator and via a ‘corona discharge’ convert to ozone! The ozone is used for all kinds of healing purposes. Ozone articles in my computer were the source which I used to teach myself the procedure to drink iced ozonated water to employ a ‘do it myself’ therapy to decompose cancer cells. (There are many ‘Doctor assisted’ ozone therapies, too). The cancer in my abdomen was, by nature, in the process of slowly killing me. So I bought an ozone generator to produce the ozone to kill the cancer.

The ozone generator did exactly what the manufacturer had claimed it would. It is not a simple device, but is simple to use. I learned my lessons well. 10 months later the very same Radiologist in the exact same hospital (where the Oncologist had assured me they had done everything medical science could do), took Cat Scans of my current condition. This was October 1997. When Nancy and I were seated in his office he asked me, “well Mr. Spofford, what have you been doing?” I replied, “why do you ask?” He replied, “your previous cancer is completely gone. There is only scar tissue were the tumor used to be!” “Now, what have you been doing?” So, I told him ‘our’ ‘ozone cancer story'. I say ‘our’ because Reverend Nancy is my ‘Earth Angle'. She was, and is my ‘guide’ and “the wind beneath my wings.”

Dozens of books and hundreds of articles have been written by reputable technical, chemical, research, qualified, PhD and MD doctors to explain the Bio-chemical reasons why ozone works. Yet some bureaucratic persons in the health community continue to challenge the efficacy of ozone's natural healing ability. They dismiss it ‘off-hand’, with no apparent interest to investigate.

In as much as that both Nancy and I are Reverends whose Religious Organization's original charter as filed and approved by the United States Government, states in the part relating to the duties of a Minister; “His Love (this refers to God's Love) shall be carried to mankind, through preaching, teaching, counseling, healing and giving aid.”

Further, we are both certified Reiki Healing Masters. Reiki is a Japanese word with the same meaning as the Chinese Word ‘Chi’. And we both do Reiki (Chi) healing. So it is natural that we are sincerely involved in ozone healing , not motivated for the business, but because we are natural ‘Healers’. We do not charge for these services. In the strictest medical interpretation, ozone is a non-medical natural healing modality.

We have had our ozone generators research, design and manufacturing legally qualified as conforming to International Medical Devices Standards. Our Conformance Test Report for EN 60601-1-2 is contained in Report No: 07-11-MAS-150.

A major University's Medical Research Laboratory is currently (2008) in the process of doing the research to scientifically authenticate that the ozone healing procedures being presented by us are valid and that these Ozone Therapies when correctly adhered to causes no patient harm. In due time these papers will be simultaneously distributed so widely that they cannot be suppressed.

We, as a husband and wife ‘Soul-mate’ team, usually work together. We often are speakers at various conferences or meet with families in their homes, all at no charge. We think of ozone as adjunctive therapies; which work very well with many traditional medical therapies. And we find that medical doctors do not usually object and often welcome us to work in concert with them.

Our “hardware” description is fully explained in our website and how to use it is also explained. As I previously implied, the equipment is sophisticated, but using it is not. One set is ‘Healthcare’, (Model-100; the other (Model 120); is very professional for doctors use. Please continue to read our complete Web Site for your understanding of our products and usages.

This article is not intended, nor should it be considered as health or medical advice.
The above described products are presented for your educational purposes only.
For medical treatment and advice be sure to consult with your physician.