Dr. Morton Walker

Ozonated Drinking Water as Therapy Against Degenerative Diseases

Medical Journalist Report of Innovative Biologics by Morton Walker, DPM with Randall Walker

On August 4, 1996, directly following his undergoing a biopsy performed in the Oncology Department at Rosewood Hospital, Houston, Texas USA, the then 65-year-old Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, Reverend Dudley P. Spofford, was diagnosed with anaplastic, large-cell lymphoma, stage IV. The malignancy also contained some small-cell lymphoma components, with the entire tumor located in his lower left abdomen. As described on one biopsy report, the solid abdominal mass affecting Rev. Spofford was as big as an overly large grapefruit.

In its unfavorable stage IV classification, it's known that five-year survival from such a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is less than 20 percent. Surgery was ruled out for Rev. Spofford because of his being affected by diffuse abdominal and pelvic ascites. Plus the patient's tumor completely effaced most of the retroperitoneal structures including the abdominal aorta and inferior. Six 12-hour infusions with the cytotoxic agents CHOP (Cyclophosphamid, Hydroxydaunomycin [doxorubicin], Oncovin, and Prednisone), Vincristine 2 mg., Cytoxan 1,600 mg., and Adriamycin 110 mg. They formed a combination of highly potent chemotherapeutic agents that by themselves could cause severe illness or death.

"The hospital nurses referred to this combination as the "red devil", and considered me fortunate not to have died from it. My oncologist discharged me on December 31,1996 saying, he had done everything medical science knew how to do against my cancer but this regimen of treatment was not successful," states Rev. Spofford. "I was given to understand that death would soon follow."

"Throughout the month of January 1997, therefore, I continuously prayed and meditated. After evaluating various complementary and alternative cancer therapies in the form of ozone and hydrogen peroxide liquid, because I considered them natural treatments," Rev. Spofford added. "My source for these substances was an ozone generator ordinarily designed for water purification."

Super oxygenation for Water and/or Air Purification

An abundance of oxygen available to body cells in the form of the noble gas, ozone, is received physiologically in three natural ways: through the lungs, the skin, and the digestive tract. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that kills most viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and other pathological organisms. It neutralizes toxins by oxidizing phenolics, pesticides, detergents, chemical manufacturing wastes, and aromatic compounds more rapidly than chlorine, and it does this without leaving harmful residues. Thus, ozone has become the element of choice to disinfect and purify drinking water, wastewater, and ambient action.

In common with hydrogen peroxide, which forms from ozone gas activity, the ozone disinfects municipal wastewater, cleans up lakes and streams polluted by sewage, and unlike chlorine, they perform without killing any of the resident that are left in the ecosystem by dissolved ozone gas. Additionally, ozone breaks down industrial wastes such as phenol and cyanide and turns them into bio degradables. Among other pollutants, it oxidizes mining wastes, photographic industry wastes, heavy metals, ethanol, and acetic acid.

Noxious odors from treated sewage containing high amounts of foul-smelling chemicals including sulfides, amines, and olefins, are removed by ozone infusion. Rather than mask their odors, ozone gas oxidates the offending compounds and renders them odor free. To reduce or eliminate odors, ozone gas oxidates the offending compounds and renders them odor free. To reduce or eliminate odors, ozone is circulated throughout slaughterhouses, fish-processing plants, rendering plants, dairies, paper mills, compost operations, underground railways tunnels, and mines. As an environmental detoxifying agent, the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approves the application of ozone. However, the USFDA does not encourage any medical applications of ozone despite broad usage of it by physicians in Europe, especially holistic practitioners in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and by the National Center for Scientific Research in Cuba.

How Reverend Dudley P. Spofford Sent His Cancer into Permanent Remission

"I purchased a water purification ozone kit in February 1997 and interpreted this kit's crude assembly instructions. Additionally I solicited assistance from various chemists in the Houston, Texas area," says Rev. Spofford.

"The concept of ozone ingestion that I adapted for purposes of eliminating my cancer and bringing about healing was to drink ozone assimilated in distilled water. I understood that potable water containing minerals would cause the ozone to squander its therapeutic energy for neutralizing these minerals."

"Also, I was misinformed that dissolved ozone at temperatures a few degrees above freezing would see the gas quickly dissipate. Thereafter, five $2,000-investments in a laboratory's testing of ozone for therapeutic effect taught me important correct information." "I learned from the tests that ozone assimilates in water at 4°C, and a self-administering consumer or a health care professional administering therapy should never allow any ozone suspension to exist at higher than 11℃, preferably no higher than 9 degrees. I additionally uncovered that the ozone water concentration must be 6% by volume. These five laboratory tests are invaluable for the user of ozone therapy."

"Self-administration of therapeutic ozone for sending my cancer into remission began in February, 1997 with drinking 8 ounces of ozone distilled water three times per day on an empty stomach. Any edible residue in the stomach would cause the dissolved gas to oxidize this food and detract from the therapeutic energy of my ozone drink," affirms Rev. Spofford. "There should be no eating for 2-1/2 hours prior to and 30 minutes after ingesting ozone water."

"From personal research, I uncovered some health care science. Within just milli-seconds of ingestion, the ozone water begins permeating one's gastrointestinal mucosa so as to penetrate cellular membranes. The gas's three atoms of bonded oxygen break apart allowing the single-bonded third oxygen radical to combine with the blood's water molecules to form the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mentioned, which is a significant oxidizer in its own right," says Rev. Spofford. "Thus, the apparatus I was using had become a controlled, self-administered, peroxide/ozone therapy electronic generator.

"I had become 'self-taught' on how to use a water purification device which became responsible for permanently eliminating my large-cell lymphoma, "Rev. Spofford explains." The cancer has been gone permanently now for eight years. Ralph M. Weaver, MD, the Radiologist at Columbia Rosewood Medical Center, had read my diagnostic films in October, 1996 and reported to me that he could not find any sign of cancer, only the scar tissue where it had been. His report was made just five months after my Oncologist, Paul Martin Mauk, MD, sent me home to get my affairs in order in preparation for death. And the only treatment that I self-administered was to drink ozonated distilled water." (See Photographs 1, 2, 3.)

Har Hari S. Khalse, DC, Utilizes Homeopathic Ozone as Therapy

"In chiropractic practice, I utilize homeopathic ozone for the treatment of patients," states Har Hari S. Khalsa, DC, of West Los Angeles, California. "Ozone is applied by me through 'FTH,' an energy field device that transfers the ozone gas indirectly toward and into a person. The FTH is much gentler treatment with no toxicity levels and finds usefulness mainly for lymphatic drainage, to overcome congestion, to reduce inflammation as in knee problems or other types of joint pain, and for purposes of detoxification. Because homeopathic ozone has an accompanying energy field, it produces a beneficial effect on my patients' antioxidant levels."

"On September 6, 2004 at the annual meeting of the Cancer Control Society I purchased the Electronic Ozone Helps Professional M-120 Generator including its accessories with a total of 355 ozone settings/concentrations that can be electronically matched and merged to produce 111 ozone concentrations. My new ozone generator, constructed in Taiwan under direct American supervision, has a built-in electronic digital countdown timer, "says Dr. Khalsa. Just such a machine has been used for Lance Armstrong and his bicycle team after they ride to the limits of their tolerance. The ozone is applied to stimulate tissue regeneration.

"A Hollywood celebrity whom I treated homeopathically with ozone had been having knee fluids being drawn off every few days so that he could walk. By use of ozone therapy within a month the actor was fully rehabilitated without the need for knee surgery."

"The protocol to be followed for a therapeutic ozone effect should be the same as the one used by Rev. Dudley Spofford. No catheterization is required. For current acquisition of such an ozonator, I would refer patients directly to Rev. Spofford in Taiwan, "states Dr. Har Hari S. Khalsa."

Scientific Facts Which Show Ozone to Be Therapeutic

In most of the known degenerative diseases, medical, scientific, and clinical reports worldwide verify the effectiveness of ozone as curative treatment. Scientific facts related to ozone's therapeutic benefits have been uncovered by Elizabeth Baker, MA, in her book, The Un-Medical Miracle-Oxygen.

Ozone is the most powerful form of oxygen, and oxygen is its only by-product. While Oxygen gas is comprised of two molecules of oxygen (O2), ozone gas possesses three oxygen molecules and is known as tri-atomic oxygen (O3). Most become activated when oxygen encounters ultraviolet light or electrical energy, and is present in lightning and sunshine.

Ozone is Nature's way of purifying inhaled air and drinking water. It is Nature's readily-occurring bactericide, fungicide, virucide, and parasiticide. For at least 100 years ozone has been used to eliminate pathological organisms of all types.

In the upper layers of the atmosphere-the ozone layer-ozone protects us form harmful radiation arriving form space.

When inhaled in high concentrations, ozone is a powerful oxidant that may be harmful to human and animal lungs.

Ozone is present in automobile exhausts, industrial smoke, smog, and other polluting sources of gases. While noxious, such ozone reduces hydrocarbons by oxidizing them to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) which may be metabolized eventually, but some deleterious effect is left behind in the human body.

Ozone is a misunderstood and under-applied substance that if developed technologically, could do much to decontaminate the Earth and relieve a multitude of environmental and medical problems.

Paul Ling Tai, DPM, Applies Ozone Therapy

"My experience with ozone is in the area of pathogen detoxification and environmental purification. I possess seven United States patents for the industrial use of ozone, for it is an extremely powerful medium for germicidal application," says practicing podiatrist and nutrient formulator Paul Ling Tai, DPM, of Dearborn Heights, Michigan. "Ozone works by a redox reaction."

Redox is the scientist's idiomatic name for a chemical oxidation-reduction reaction in which oxidation is the increase of positive charges on an atom or the loss of negative charges. Most biological oxidations are accomplished by removal of a pair of hydrogen atoms (dehydrogenation) from a molecule. Such oxidations must be accompanied by reduction of an acceptor molecule. Reduction is the addition of hydrogen to a substance and such addition increases the molecular content of electrons.

"Ozone takes out stains too, without the use of chemicals and without leaving behind any residue," says Dr. Tai."

"My formulator company, Health Secrets USA, has used ozone therapeutically to flush wounds to clean away pathogens. It is drunk in the form of ozone water as an absorbent in the bloodstream containing activated oxygen. Rev. Spofford cleaned his own blood and cured his cancer by eliminating any pathogenic contribution to his lymphoma."

"Ozone has the additional effect of presenting an unwelcome aerobic environment for cancer cells which thrive only in anaerobic surroundings. So they do not flourish. The uniqueness of the procedure used by Rev. Spofford is the ability to oxygenate in volume, without any form of chemicals being present for treatment--no chemotherapy,” explains Dr. Tai.

"For instance, in the situation where a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer and then develops a metastasis to the stomach, her drinking ozone water helps to establish a normalization of the body’s terrain. Her pH becomes corrected to the point that acidity, which is advantageous for cancer growth, and its spread, becomes neutralized. The environment becomes disadvantageous to those cancer cells. They cannot live at that supersaturated oxygen level," Dr. Tai says.

"A positive shift occurs which potentiates any conventional oncological therapy being administered; it causes the cancer cells to be weakened and more sensitive to treatment. Hyperactive oxygen molecules will favorably alter the hemodynamics of such a patient's lymphatics-where many cancers might have been thriving. Ozone creates an environment where no cancer can survive."

Members of Certain European Medical Societies & Cuban Utilize Ozone Therapy for Overcoming the Health Problems Listed Below5-8






Anal fissures




Cancers of all types

Cerebral sclerosis

Circulatory disturbances

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Corneal ulcers

Decubitus ulcers



Fungal diseases



Gastrodujodenal ulcers

Gastrointestinal disorders



Herpes simplex & Zoster


Mucous colitis


Nerve-related disorders


Parkinson’s disease


Raynaud’s disease

Retinitis pigmentosa
Rheumatoid arthritis

Scars after radiation

Senile dementia

Sepsis control




Sudeck’s disease


Ulcus cruris


Viral infections

(colds & flu)

Wound-healing disturbances
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