Bodily Detox System

We manufacture and sell worldwide 21st century electronic ozone equipment for producing ozonized water to be ingested for detoxifying one's body. Water input is distilled water. Oxygen tank input is medical grade. The processed water for detoxification has an oxygen concentration of 30.20 ppm with a pH of 8.3~8.7 and an ozone concentration of 6% by volume. The maximum quantity of ice-cold ozonized water produced at one time is 24 ounces at a temperature range of 4 degrees Celsius (39.20 ˚F) to 9 degrees Celsius (48.20 ˚F). It is the cold temperature that assimilates the ozone within the water as though they were bonded.

Our Corporate operating premise is based on the well known 'working hypothesis' that a significant factor in the cause of many diseases, cancers included, is the unnatural preponderance of 'alien' toxins in our bloodstream. That our body's Immune Defense System, in our early human evolution, did not encounter these synthetic toxins, (because at that time they did not exist) therefore our body's Immune Defense System did not evolve with the natural ability to protect ourselves from what have now commonly become 'killer' toxins.

But through "shameless deception" they are often allowed to be contained/consumed in foods. Too often food is grown and/or manufactured, sometimes with total blatant disregard for our body's inability to process the toxins (poisons) contained in our food and/or our food's source of its "food". Many of these deadly toxins are naively added daily by us and accumulate in our body, wherein they eventually act as the catalytic precursor to cells "running amok" with resultant mutations, thereby usually causing our bodies cells to become diseased, including cancers.

I am 77 years of age, and a nine-year survivor of Lymphoma cancer, stage 4. (See Townsend Letter, issue12/04, page 76 for details). In my grandparents' and great-grandparents' time, I never heard of the word "cancer". We were, mostly, all educated people and were friends with and married to mostly educated persons. Why were we so ignorant of cancer? Today much of the industrialized world is rife with cancer. Why? Could it be the established "working hypothesis" truly has more than "some" scientific basis in alarming, relevant facts? Let's all "listen up" at "warp speed".

By using our ozone generator to ozonize almost freezing distilled water, we thereby produce and retain a humongous quantity of pure natural oxygen in our ozonized water. When ingested, using the proper protocol, the inherent incontrovertible laws of chemistry cause "oxygen reduction reactions" (Redox) to occur in our body's bloodstream, (oxygen vs. toxins). This scientific mechanism is in substance identical to oxygen oxidizing iron into rust; only in this instance oxygen naturally detoxifies (oxidizes) toxins.Our detoxification system thereby avoids the occurrences of many diseases, including many cancers.

One may also directly connect our ozone-detoxifying unit to our factory manufactured Steam Sauna. By operating both units simultaneously and controlling the safe flow of the ozone through the Sauna, one can concurrently detoxify their skin and body. No raw ozone is released into the ambient room air, nor is any inhaled.

For detoxifying your respiratory system, pass precise ozone through Olive oil in your oil reaction chamber. This creates a Terpene vapor. Inhale this vapor for detoxifying your complete respiratory system.

So you can make an informed decision, have a doctor's laboratory make a detailed analysis of toxins in your blood. Isn't it better to avoid illness through a natural, non-medical, dietary supplemental water detoxification procedure, than take a risk of an eventual toxin related disease, including cancer?

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