Bodily Detoxification via Ingesting Tri-Atomic (Oxygen O3 ) Water

[ Tri-Atomic oxygen = O3= 3 atoms of oxygen bonded together forming an oxygen molecule ]

We manufacture and sell a 21st century electronic Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) generator Model 100, for DIY (Do it yourself) production of Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) water to be drank for detoxifying one's body. The Tri-Atomic Oxygen (O3) water, ingested for detoxification, has had an infused medical grade oxygen (O2) input that is 99.6 to 99.9 % pure. The maximum quantity of ice-cold Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) water processed at one time in our laboratory grade glass water reaction chamber is 24 ounces at a temperature range of 4~11 ℃(39.20℉ ) to (51.80 ℉ ). The Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) is pressure bubbled into the ice water through a multitude of 3 micron size holes in a custom made glass diffuser. The maximum quantity of pure Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) retained in the ice water temp. 4-11 ℃ is 5% by volume.

Our Company's operating premise is based on our "working hypothesis" that a significant contribution to the cause of many diseases, cancers included, is the unnatural preponderance of "alien" toxins in our body. That our body's Immune Defense System, in our early evolution, did not encounter these synthetic toxins, (because at that time they did not exist) therefore our body's Immune Defense System did not evolve with the natural ability to protect ourselves from what have usually become "killer" toxins. Through "shameless deception" "killer" toxins are often allowed to be contained in foods, thus consumed by us via these foods. Too often food is grown and/or manufactured, sometimes with total blatant disregard for our body's inability to process the toxins (poisons) contained in our food and/or our food's source of it's "food" . Many of these deadly toxins are unknowingly added every day by us through our necessary breathing, drinking, or eating.

Therefore; study, learn and be aware of toxins! Do not breathe polluted air! Do not ingest drinks that are laden with toxic substances! Do not eat any food that has toxins in it! Study and learn, it's your health. Toxins accumulate in our body, wherein they act as the catalytic precursor to cells "running amok" with resultant cell mutations, thereby usually causing our body's cells to become diseased, including cancers.

On 10/3/1997, the hospital pronounced me 100% cancer-free, after having been diagnosed with Large Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer, stage 4, on 8/4/96. (See Townsend Letter, An Examiner of Alternative Medicine, issue dated 12/04, and beginning on page 76 for details of my successful fight against cancer). In my grandparents' and great-grandparents' time, I never heard of the word "cancer". Today, much of the industrialized world is rife with cancer. Why? Could it be our "working hypothesis" is correct?

But I, of all people, on 7/ 31/2006, was diagnosed as now having a different cancer: (Small Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma). The Oncologist stated this was not a reoccurrence of the 1st cancer. As of this writing (10/07) the 2nd cancer tumor has decreased from its original huge size by 57.5% by my following much the same protocol as I used with the 1st cancer, designed around the ingesting of Tri-Atomic oxygenated (O3) water, and other alternative subjunctive therapies. How did I get cancer again? Logically, by not adhering strictly enough to my own advice or my immune defense system is not strong enough. Point is; the anti-cancer subjunctive therapies are once again being effective in prolonging my life; albeit slower as I am now 10 years older at 77 years of age, and counting. I do expect to once again be cancer free in about another 6 months.

When Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) water is ingested, using the proper protocol, the incontrovertible laws of chemistry cause "oxygen reduction reactions" (Redox) to occur in our body's bloodstream. This scientific mechanism is similar to oxygen oxidizing iron (Fe) into rust (FeO), only now oxygen naturally detoxifies (oxidizes) toxins, thereby naturally precluding the occurrences of many diseases, including some cancers. The detoxified toxin's matter is purged from our blood by our kidneys and excreted from our bodies via our urinary tract.

So you can make an informed decision, have a doctor make a detailed analysis of your blood for toxins. Better to prevent illness through natural detoxification than take a risk of a toxin related disease, including cancer.

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For medical treatment and advice be sure to consult with your physician.