Treating Myself for Lymphoma Cancer in 1997

"This is the DIY (do it yourself) method I used to treat myself (Rev. Dudley Spofford) for Lymphoma cancer. I did it to myself, for myself, by myself. It is fully documented and authenticated in the December, 2004 issue of the Townsend Letter; The Examiner of Alternative Medicine. This original article was reported by Dr. Morton Walker, a Medical Investigative Reporter, as the result of a personal interview with me. Before he would accept, and have my case published, he investigated all relevant aspects of my reported case with the doctors who treated me in order to authenticate the accuracy of my report. Dr. Walker's report is titled "Ozonated Drinking Water as Therapy Against Degenerative Diseases," and begins on page 76 of the Townsend Letter, published in Seattle, USA.

My cancer ordeal began as many cancer cases begin, as a silent killer, un-detected, caused by unknown reasons, and time of origin undetermined. I first learned I had cancer at Rosewood Hospital in Houston, Texas USA, where my wife and I called "home," on August 4, 1996 when I was 65 years old. The biopsy and subsequent evaluations showed the cancer was in stage 4. There isn't any stage 5. I subsequently learned I only had a 20% chance to be alive in 5 years.

The doctors suggested "Chop x 6 Chemotherapy" , I agreed. What could I say? Six months later on Dec. 31, 1996, and $54,000 USD, (this is the amount paid by my wife and I from our life's savings), they sent me home from the hospital, suggesting I would soon die. I didn't know at the time I agreed to subject my body to the degradation of chemotherapy that about 70% of cancer patients in America die.

Subsequently, as we say in America, "I surfed the net." My wife, as the result of her own investigations, pointed me in the right direction. Subsequently, I learned from articles in my computer, about Alternative Cancer Therapies and Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3). (3 Atoms of oxygen joined together form a "super oxygen" molecule = "Tri-Atomic oxygen"). When the computer articles didn't have all the details I needed, I turned inward to myself; to my considerable intellect and my renowned deductive, objective reasoning. I bought a Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) generator and began my Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) water therapy investigation, "flying by the seat of my pants." The article in the Townsend Letter is proof of the accuracy of my investigation. Now, as I understand it, many people are alive today as a direct result of this Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) therapy.

Why did drinking Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) water rid my body of cancer? I'll explain the scientific mechanism as I understand it. Distilled water can assimilate Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) if the water is cold enough; 4~9 ℃ to be specific = 39.20℉ ~ 48.20 ℉ . In order to induce subsequent oxygen therapeutic reactions, the Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) accumulated in the cold water needs to be 6% by volume. The water reaction chamber's specific proprietary design assures this.

The ice-cold Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) water must be ingested within a few minutes after being processed. One's stomach needs to be empty of food. This means nothing by mouth for at least 2½ hours prior to drinking. Then do not eat for a minimum of 30 minutes afterwards.

The Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) water is quickly processed in the stomach and enters one's bloodstream. Once in there, the warm blood causes the Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) in the water to lose the 3rd atom of oxygen. This means the Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) becomes (O2) oxygen. One's blood is normally 83% water (H2O). The 3rd atom of oxygen from the Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3) immediately bonds with the single atom of oxygen (O) of water in one's blood. At once, the water (H2O) in one's blood becomes hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). All the remaining oxygen (O2) and the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are carried away by the bloodstream. [Note: All healthy human cells are protected from the oxidative effects of all forms of oxygen. But unhealthy (diseased) cells are not protected.] Therefore, as the bloodstream carries both forms of oxygen to where diseased cells are, they both immediately attack and destroy diseased cells. In my case, the diseased cells were Large Cell Lymphoma Cancer cells.

The Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) attacks by destroying the outer lipid layer of cells, (cell lysis) and thereby causes the cell to die. The (O2) oxygen attacks through the process of oxygen reduction reaction (Redox), thereby reducing pathogens to a non-pathogenic residue of matter. This residue of matter is carried by the bloodstream to one’s kidneys where the blood is purified and the residue is carried by the urinary tract to one's bladder and excreted from the body. It took about 7 months for this process to eliminate the tumor (about the size of my head), which was located inside my abdomen.

This just concluded above paragraph is, of course, written in absolutely correct, but simple, standard, English, so that, for those of us who are not Scientists can understand. A Scientist writing "Scientifically" correct English requires about 2~3 pages to authoritatively describe the Scientific Mechanisms of how Tri-Atomic oxygen (O3), upon entering one's bloodstream, stimulates and activates the natural reactions of our body's immune defense system in cascading sequential phases which subsequently results in the termination of cancer .

On October 1, 1997 I had a final CAT scan performed at Rosewood Hospital. The hospital's Radiology department called my wife and I to schedule an appointment on October 3rd.The Radiologist showed us the film's pictures, which clearly showed the scar tissue where the tumor used to be. There was not any cancer! I still have copies of this film.

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