Inhalation Therapy vs Airborne Pathogens

This article is written to re-introduce a 50+ year-old terpene inhalation procedure employing double bonding the atoms of "medical grade ozone" with the atoms of pure olive oil and discharging the resultant terpene vapor for patient inhalation using a cannula. The vapor's molecular structure is:[C10H16O2..3~8]. This Inhalation Therapy system also eliminates 99.99% of all airborne pathogens, yet does not release any raw ozone into the patient's lungs via the cannula nor into the ambient air of a patient's room via the Olive Oil Reaction Chamber. This because the 3 atoms of oxygen (O3 ), which comprise ozone, are double bonded with the 10 atoms of Carbon and the 16 atoms of Hydrogen, which comprise pure Olive Oil. The keenly clever chemical double bonding sequence of the molecule, allows the atoms of the Olive Oil to superficially dominate; therefore no ozone can be detected nor smelled in the room even though it is there, double bonded to the Olive Oil atoms; thereby causing no harm to one's respiratory system.

Yet the bonded 3 atoms of oxygen, even while in captivity of this unique molecule, and being double bonded to the atoms of the Olive Oil, are still oxidizing any pathogens in the air of the room! NOTE: At the microsecond of oxidation, the 3 atoms of oxygen (O3), following the incontrovertible laws of chemistry, instantly break apart into 2 atoms of oxygen (O2) and 1 atom of oxygen (O). Walla! It is no longer double bonded ozone, rather simple pure oxygen, therefore, zero raw ozone pollution in the ambient air of the patient' s room. The Terpene vapor smells "light and fresh". It is a 21st century innovation of inhalation therapies that are as old as the pyramids. Medical professionals, medical clinics, and hospitals as-well-as individuals purchase and use this terpene vapor inhalation system.

I was first reminded of this system when the 9/11 disasters struck New York and filled so many hundreds of thousands of us Americans with fear. Then came the Anthrax attacks in Washington D.C. and a new near panic griped the USA. In 2003 & 2004 the SARS episodes infected more than 8,000 persons and killed more than 800 victims.

My wife, Nancy, and I were living in Kwangtung, China in November, 2002 when this epidemic first irrupted. In January, 2003 we moved to Taiwan to find SARS was already there. That was scary enough. But then U.S. Secretary for Health, Mr. Tommy G. Thompson reportedly announced that the Corona-Virus was potentially capable of mutating into an atypical influenza. I immediately understood the significance of what he is reported to have said. Atypical influenza, including Avian Flu, could become the deadliest of all present influenzas.

The last time influenza ran amok was in 1919 when, as I understand it, influenza killed approximately 40 million people worldwide. Now this really caught my attention. In 2004, the WHO is reported to have estimated that a pandemic of Avian Flu could kill as many as 50 million persons worldwide.

Most all of us now know that through one's coughing and sneezing, air becomes a major carrier of some airborne pathogens. Other types of diseases are purportedly carried by air during actions of terrorists. It is my understanding that in the United States the FDA mandates that food containers must first be purified with ozone before any products for human consumption are stored in them. Ozone is just that effective of a pathogen "killer".

I have read that the scientific mechanisms of ozone's destruction are impervious to pathogenic mutations. Ozone is said to simply oxidize most any virus. Ozone as a powerful oxidant is reportedly 3,000 times more powerful than chlorine!

The ozone olive oil terpene vapor system I'm writing about has been known for half a century.

We live in Asia, so with the outbreak of SARS in 2002, my wife and I used it 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We never allow raw ozone to be directed into the ambient air of our room. One cannot breathe raw ozone without seriously damaging their lungs. In our system, the raw ozone is always channeled into the Olive Oil reaction chamber. There the ozone is first directed through a 3 micron size, multiple holes diffuser. One hole is smaller in diameter than 1 piece of human hair.

The miniscule ozone bubbles are forced by a specific rate of oxygen flow to pass through the Olive Oil. Through the incontrovertible laws of chemistry, this creates a double bonding environment for the ozone atoms and the Olive Oil atoms of Carbon and Hydrogen. Now, raw ozone no longer exists, rather the output from the reaction chamber is the composite Terpene Vapor molecule; (C10H16O2~8). As of 2004 we have been keeping a wary eye open for Avian Flu. The "DIY"  inhalation procedure , which can kill over 99% of airborne pathogens, we use is as follows:

The major safety consequence of the chemical reactions of the afore mentioned technology is that the raw ozone input into the olive oil has now formed a bonded composite molecule which cannot be isolated by smell in the Terpene vapor, which we breathe. The atoms of the ozone are, none-the-less, double bonded with the atoms of the Olive Oil’s Carbon and Hydrogen inside the Terpene vapor's composite molecular structure. Thus there isn't any harm in breathing Terpene vapor!


1.PRECAUTION: Not all Olive Oils are prepared with neither equal care nor process. A consequence of this is the chemical reaction we invoke in step #3 causes a foaming of the Olive Oil in only inferior oils. The description on the Olive Oil bottle did not reveal the oils inferiority. Only our experience educated us as to which labels had been less than forthright.

2.Until we knew from experience, after the 1st few hours of "bubbling"   we began watching our Reaction Chamber for the beginning of excess foaming. The signs are unmistakable. We noted the elapsed time of "bubbling" prior to "run-away"  foaming. From this, we deduced the non-foaming hours. We empted our Reaction Chamber by taking it off the generator and drained it by turning it upside down. We were EXTRA CAREFUL not to let the draining oil drain into our ozone input silicon tube. We just turned the Reaction Chamber in a direction and angle where it could not enter the silicon tube. Then there was not a problem.

3.After draining, we refilled with new brand oil to the same previous height. And for the next Olive Oil purchase, we bought a better quality brand.

Olive Oil Terpene-Vapor Inhalation Health Care

99.6% pure medical grade oxygen (O2) is the "pure"  input source to our own designed 21st century ozone generator. Our generator is not designed as a room air purifier. Rather, in this application, it is designed to function as an Ozone Olive Oil Terpene-Vapor Inhalation Health Care unit.

the expressly dedicated ozone room air purifiers now on the market, that I am aware of, use medical grade oxygen (O2) as their sole input oxygen (O2). As I understand, they are not designed nor built to be able to use "pure" oxygen (O2) input. Rather they rely on ambient room air as input to their ozone room air purifiers.

The air in the room is drawn into their ozone generator via a fan. Natural room air (on a good day) contains a variable 18~21% oxygen [O2]. (If the air outside is heavily polluted, the oxygen (O2) content is even less, and the impurity content is, naturally, proportionally higher). The 78~80% variable balance is primarily [N2] Nitrogen, which constitutes four-fifths of air, with lesser amounts of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, neon, helium, and other trace gases.

All these gases are oxidized by ozone inside other's ozone room air purifiers.
Chemical Problem:
When nitrogen [N2] is oxidized by ozone (O3), chemically it must, and does, convert into nitrogen oxides [NOx]. The nitrogen oxides [NOx] provide an example of the law of multiple proportions and the+1 to +5 oxidation states of nitrogen [N2].They are as follows: nitrous oxide[N2O], [NO] nitric oxide, [N2O3] nitrogen trioxide or nitrogen sesquioxide, [N242] dinitrogen tetroxide or nitrogen peroxide, [NO2] nitrogen dioxide, [N2O5] dinitrogen pentoxide, [N3O4] trinitrogen tetroxide, and [NO3], which is unstable. HAZARD: All are toxic by inhalation, especially [NO2] WARNING: Inhalation of nitrogen dioxide [NO2] may be fatal. Whichever of these oxides are present are then blown into the room from the ozone room air purifier along with the ozone. The ozone truly does what it was created to do. But so do the nitrogen oxides.

In laboratory tests, nitrous oxide [N 2O] causes dementia in healthy mice. Draw your own conclusions about breathing these nitrogen oxides [N2O], which are all toxic and dangerous by inhalation. Run away, don’t walk!

You may wish to refer to the current warning issued by OSHA, []. [Occupational Safety & Health Administration within the USA Department of Labor]. It, in part, states, “This Appendix contains a listing of toxic and reactive highly hazardous chemicals which present a potential for a catastrophic event at or above the threshold quantity. In alphabetical order it lists all such chemicals. ALL the above listed nitrogen oxides [N2O], are listed. The output from our Electronic Ozone Generator is "medical grade" ozone. Only medical grade oxygen is the input, which comes from medical grade oxygen in tanks. The output is "medical grade" ozone, which becomes the direct input into an olive oil/ozone reaction chamber. The "medical grade" ozone chemically reacts with olive oil in the reaction chamber as follows: Using my 3rd millennium molecular structure process in which atoms donate, acquire, or share electrons, or transfer electrons to produce an output vapor from the reaction chamber which is a scientifically achieved ozone/olive oil terpene-vapor. This enhanced form of bonded terpene-vapor ozone is pleasant to smell.

The ozone content, to everyone's amazement, absolutely cannot be smelled in the room's air. It's a matter of biochemistry. Yet the pure ozone is there as a powerful oxidant ready to oxidize most any virus. This synergistic blend of ozone-terpene-vapor does not cause any nose or lung irritation or any other side effects to my wife or me or the thousands of ozone literates who use this method to purify air in their homes in polluted cities.

I know through correspondence and meetings that a few ozone devotees solemnly claim they have first person knowledge of ozone users who claim they have cured themselves of lung cancer using ozone-terpene-vapor. I have no reason to doubt their claim; neither do I affirm nor endorse these claims. Ozone’s efficacy has been well established, even though some in the orthodox medical community still consider ozone an investigative medium for medical purposes, not-withstanding the fact that ozone has been medically, progressively in use in the United States since 1885, which actually predates the FDA.

Based on my experience since 1997, I have, in concert with engineers knowledgeable in a wide range of scientific disciplines, had an electronic ozone generator developed dedicated to producing terpene vapors to dissolve airborne pathogens in a room as well as in vivo, especially one's lungs. In its Terpene Vapor mode, it is a 21st century medical oxygen fed (electronic ozone generator) which meets the EPA ozone output concentration specifications that are safe for humans to breathe.

This article is for your educational purposes only.
For medical treatment and advice be sure to consult with your physician.